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Salesforces Closed $27.7 Billion Slack Acquisition

The global leader in CRM, Salesforce, has officially closed its acquisition of Slack Technologies, an enterprise communications platform, in a deal valued at $27.7 billion on July 21, 2021.


5 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

Your customers are on the verge of completing a purchase, only to abandon it at the last minute. The average shopping cart abandonment rate is as high as 68.63 percent every year. This means that nearly 70% of your shop visitors who have already added things to their baskets and are on their way to becoming customers will never become customers. Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most common issues that online merchants confront.


How AR and VR have revolutionized the PR & Retail Industries

For years, retail industries have been slowly embracing new technologies in order to engage their audience in new and diverse ways in an effort to keep ahead of the curve. Whilst progression was steady, when Covid-19 brought the world to a standstill, retailers and business giants were forced to reimagine, redefine and restructure the way they approach consumers. In a single year, the pandemic was a catalyst to accelerate the shift to virtual interactivity and shopping by a predicated 5 years. This supercharged digital transformation was a lifeline to many sectors that would have otherwise crumbled under the global lockdowns and restrictions.



Who hasn’t heard about “The Matrix”: a fantastic piece of science-fiction action film by Warner Bros that has completely changed the paradigms of the...


How is Immersive technology transforming the way we do business today?

The ongoing pandemic crisis and the worldwide lockdowns have taught organizations some hard lessons on managing employees, business operations, and, most notably, their customers. Undoubtedly this pandemic has made companies realize how important it is to embrace digital transformation if they wish to survive in the market for the long run. This recognition certainly raises the opportunities for digital technologies and solutions. Here immersive technologies like AR, VR, and MR come into the picture playing a vital role.


Defining the core metrics to improve online customer experience and ROI

For individuals and businesses alike, attracting traffic to your website is one matter that is complicated enough to achieve, let alone sustain. One could spend thousands of pounds every week on Google Ad Words to achieve increased visits and higher click rates. However, this does not necessarily translate directly to sales conversions, nor people actually reading through the content of your website and understanding the product or service you are selling.

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Dotsquares Event App – Arnold Sports Festival UK – hits 4th position in App Stores

Dotsquares were approached by one of our clients earlier this year in August 2021 in the hope to build a bespoke event app for The Arnold Sports Festival, which is the largest multi-sports festival across the world. Originally founded in 1989 by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Lorimer.

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